Churute mangroves reserve

Churute Mangrove Ecological Reserve Full day (8 hours)

 all inclusive

The ” Churute mangroves Ecological Reserve” was created in 1979 and covers 49,383 hectares.

The Reserve aims to protect one of the few coastal rainforests and mangroves that still survive in the world, with its remarkable importance for biodiversity and conservation.

It is located just 45 minutes from Guayaquil and is recognized as a paradise for bird watching. This location has three attractions:

• ROUTE OF THE ESTUARY: A place where you can learn about the fauna of the estuary. The mangrove ecosystem and its importance, the interaction between plants, crabs and birds. A place where we can see dozens of species of birds in their natural habitat.

• ROUTE OF THE HOWLER MONKEYS: A short walk (1200 m or 0.8 miles) through a tropical dry forest, one of the few remaining virgin forests in mainland Ecuador. A place to have a close encounter with the bustle of howler monkeys in the middle of the pristine habitat of a dry tropical forest.

• CACAO FARM EXPERIENCE: Witness the making of chocolate from cocoa beans and you will have a pleasant afternoon of experiential tourism. Enjoy a delicious traditional Ecuadorian meal in a rustic cabin.

A traditional Ecuadorian lunch is also included in this adventure.

Price $220 per  participant

Additional  information:

During  the rainy  season  (the fist  four months of the year there is a waterfall at  the monkeys trail so  bringing  a  change of clothes and borrowing  a towel  from the hotel  is advised.

We also  recommend  bringing  long sleeves  for the  monkeys  trail  because there are mosquitos  in this trail.

We recommend  the use  of  mosquito  repellent  in cream  instead of spray.

A minimum of physical dexterity is required for this adventure