Cloud forest & cacao farm experience


Spend a day in absolute state of awe.

Experience a ride through a canyon in the middle of the cloud forest.

We will hike through the canyon exploring and bathing in various waterfalls,

We will experience the exuberance of the flora and fauna of the cloud forest.

Feel the force of the largest waterfall in the area: (270 feet high).

The descent of a 90 foot tall waterfall is also available here, but must be requested

in advance.

After that, we will visit a cocoa farm where we will learn IN DETAIL how chocolate is produced,

from the collection and sampling of fresh fruit, to the process of fermentation, drying,

roasting, grinding and refining into chocolate.

As we walk through the farm we will also taste an average of a dozen fruits harvested by


A traditional Ecuadorian lunch is also included in this adventure.

Price $ 220 per participant.

Additional Information:

A basic level of physical dexterity is required for the most difficult trail.

But there are three trails ranging from the hardest mentioned above to a lighter ride and a

Really flat hike straight to the tallest waterfall (270ft high)