Machupicchu the Galapagos Islands


Inmerse yourself in this  epic adventure.

Day 0

Arrival  in Lima ( There are both  early morning as  well  late night  arrivals in Lima since  our  activities  will  begin  at  10:00 In Lima with  a city tour…  we  will  consider arrivals day as day 0

Once we´ve determined the time of your arrival we´ll prepare  a tailor-made  Schedule for you. And your Schedule will  be followed to  the letter, ( there are cases of  groups  with  different  times  of arrival) we´ll  accomodate  to this too.

Day 1


At 10:00  the group  will  gather  to  begin  with  a Lima CITY TOUR visiting among other  things:  the  Larco  Museum and traditional  Peruvian lunch. Afternoon  city  tour Lima City Tour: Old Town,  Cathedral, Plaza San Martín , Seaside Park  etc.

and welcome  dinner

During dinner  we´ll  have  a short  lecture learning  all  details  about the program. 

Day 2


 Early  wake  up  to  take  our  early  morning flight  to  Cusco.

The idea is that  an  early  arrival  in Cusco  will  grant  us the  opportunity  to  acclimate  to  the really  high  altitude of this town. We´ll  take it  slowly in the morning  with  a light  stroll  around  town  down  to  the market  and some of the churches.Then  our first tour in the afternoon this tour will be leisurely paced thus   allowing us to know the main attractions of the city of Cusco and surroundings, where we will undertake our first step the cathedral in the city’s main square, then we will visit the QORIKANCHA, then we will go to SAQSAYHUAMAN, QENQO, PUCAPUCARA and finally TAMBOMACHAY, at the end of this tour we will return to your hotel.

DAY  3


This day PICK-UP at  our  hotel  will  be at 7:30 am to begin our trip to the Sacred Valley of the Incas and ending the day with  a two hours train ride to Machupicchu town to spend the night in this city

 We will begin our adventure visiting the archaeological center of CHINCHEROS, then go to Urubamba where we will have lunch. Then we will go to the Archaeological Center of OLLANTAYTAMBO and ending our tour in this town we will take the  train for two hours until we reach Machupicchu town (Aguas Calientes), a small town located at the foot of the Inca citadel of Macchu Picchu

Day 4 


This day we will start very early to fully enjoy our tour in MACHUPICCHU, our guide will pick us up from our hotel at 6:00 am to the bus terminal in the direction of the Inca citadel and start our day, appreciating the beauty of the tour to to reach one of the wonders of the world, after 30 minutes of bus travel we´ll arrive at the place of entry to the citadel of Machu Picchu where we will appreciate a dazzling view thus starting 2 hours of tour exploring and enjoying the beauty and magic of the Inca citadel. After completing our tour we will return to Machupicchu Pueblo, to enjoy a delicious lunch, then we will board the train back to the town of Ollantaytambo, and spend the night  at  the magical  Sacred Valley  of the Incas.

Day 5


This morning  we´ll  explore  the Maket  of  Pisac,  wander  around this gorgeous  town  and then  embark  on our  way  back  to Cusco where we´ll  visit in chocolate museum to visit the chocolate museum and have some traditional cooking classes; First we will tour the San Pedro market, to discover fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses and local breads, including some that are exclusive to Peru, with all this we will cook, under the guidance of a bilingual chef, the best of Peruvian food. We will raise our own handmade Pisco Sour to toast for our return to the city of Cusco.

Farewell dinner.

Day  6

Flight to  Ecuador.

Early in the morning we will go back to the airport in Cusco, for our flight back to Lima,

And connect with our flight to Ecuador

We will be received in Guayaquil “The gateway to the Galapagos Islands.” Check-in and CITY TOUR late / night.

Day 7

Manglar Churute Ecological Reserve Full day (8 hours) all inclusive The “Manglar Churute Ecological Reserve”. The Reserve aims to protect one of the few coastal rainforests and mangroves that still survive in the world, with its remarkable importance for biodiversity and conservation. It is located just 45 minutes from Guayaquil and is recognized as a paradise for bird watching.

This location has three attractions:

ESTUARY ROUTE : A place where you can learn about the fauna of the estuary. The mangrove ecosystem and its importance, the interaction between plants, crabs and birds. A place where we can see dozens of species of birds in their natural habitat.

ROUTE OF THE HOWLER MONKEYS: A short walk (1200 m or 0.8 miles) through a tropical dry forest, one of the few remaining virgin forests in mainland Ecuador. A place to have a close encounter with the bustle of howler monkeys in the middle of the pristine habitat of a dry tropical forest.

CACAO: Witness the making of chocolate from cocoa beans and you will have a pleasant afternoon of experiential tourism. Enjoy a delicious traditional Ecuadorian meal in a cabin by the river Here is the link where you can admire some photos of Churute and see why it is being recognized as a hot spot for bird watching.

DAY 8 to DAY 14

Flight to the Galapagos Islands we will have an 8 day cruise.

Important note: The itineraries in the Galapagos Islands are established and only in cases of force majeure will the itinerary be changed, depending on the week in which the tour is booked we will have a NORTHWEST or SOUTHEAST itinerary.

Participants will be informed about the itinerary details as soon as the tour is booked.


TUESDAY: AM: Airport – Baltra Island

 PM: Bachas Beaches

WEDNESDAY: AM: Pasos del Príncipe Felipe – Genovesa Island

 PM: Darwin Bay Beach – Genovesa Island


 PM: cruise / sailing

FRIDAY: AM: Punta Vicente Roca – Isabela Island

 PM: Espinoza Point – Fernandina Island

SATURDAY: AM: Caleta Tajo – Isabela Island

 PM: Urbina Bay – Isabela Island

SUNDAY: AM: Elizabeth Bay – Isabela Island

 PM: Moreno Point – Isabela Island

MONDAY: AM: Centro Crianza – Muralla Lagrimas – Isabela Island

 PM: Puerto Villamil – Navigation

TUESDAY: AM: Los Gemelos / Baltra Island


TUESDAY: AM: Baltra Airport

PM: Puerto Ayora / Charles Darwin Research Station

WEDNESDAY: AM: Puerto Velasco Ibarra – Floreana Island

 PM: Punta Cormorán – Floreana Island

THURSDAY: AM: Punta Suarez – Española Island

 PM: Gardner Bay – Española Island

FRIDAY: AM: Punta Pitt – San Cristóbal Island

 PM: Lobos Island – San Cristóbal Island

SATURDAY: AM: Santa Fe Island

 PM: South Plaza Island

SUNDAY: AM: North Seymour Island

 PM: Bartolomé Island

MONDAY: AM: Chinese hat

 PM: Cerro Dragon – Santa Cruz Island

TUESDAY: AM: Caleta Tortuga Negra-Baltra Island – Airport

DAY 15

Flight back home

We will have a hotel night booked on your behalf regardless of your flight times, if it is a flight scheduled for the same night this will give you a chance to freshen up and really get ready to go home.

Since we will be returning to the same hotel where we slept upon our arrival in Guayaquil, you can leave your unnecessary luggage with the hotel concierge.

Price $ 9800

Additional Information:

We will drive through the Peruvian Andes. We will spend the night at 12000 feet above sea level in Cusco.

It is recommended to consult with your doctor if you have blood pressure problems.

There will be a walk through the cobbled streets, there will be a hike through the moors, so walking and walking shoes are recommended.

Also shoes to walk on the volcanic floor of the Galapagos Islands and a bathing suit.

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