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  • Ecuador: Megadiverse & Multicultural 9 days epic trip

    Ecuador: Megadiverse & Multicultural 9 days epic trip

    Guayaquil, Galapagos and Quito: The best of Ecuador in only 9 days!! About this trip Ecuador,  Among the most  bio-diverse and multi-cultural  countries  in the world. This 9 days trip will  take us from a vibrant city  in the coast of Ecuador: Guayaquil, with and exploration of the coutryside and ther making of Chocolate to…

  • Cacao farm experience

    Cacao farm experience

    Learning about chocolate from seed to bar About this trip The Most amazing city of South America.  Are you  coming to Ecuador and NOT visiting Guayaquil? Let me share with you  just  a few  reasons why  cacao farm trip  IS A MUST VISIT!! CACAO FARM  This fascinating adventure  goes even  deeper into  our culture we will…

  • Epic Guayaquil City Tour

    Epic Guayaquil City Tour

    The Gateway to Galapagos islands and Ecuador. THE ONLY PERSONALIZED, SAFE AND 100% IN ENGLISH TRIP. Experience the city in an epic way, safely and without any translation problems with a native citizen  from Guayaquil.  Hi, I’m Eddie, I’ve been a guide for people like you for more than 30 years and I can guide…