Galapagos By Sea Itinerary A 6d-5n Customized Trip


Galapagos Cruise.

Eduardo was the best! The ages in our group ranged from 25 to a 91 year old in a wheelchair. He tailored the tour beautifully to make sure everyone was accommodated and had a great time. We learned a lot and also had a lot of fun! I would definitely recommend this tour!

Rebecca Jones

Experience the magical Galapagos islands in an epic way, safely and without any translation problems with a Eddie acting as your Tour Leader a native citizen from Guayaquil.

Hi, I’m Eddie, I’ve been a guide for people like you for more than 30 years and I can guide you on a really fun and eye-opening trip in a totally safe way.

To find a professional local guide rich in knowledge and a love and passion for culture, history and photography is hard to find in a bundle. Eddie Meneses is just that! The experience that he shared is one that all travelers should par taken in.
I myself am a destination expert for the State of Florida and to meet someone that is truly passionate about there destination makes the visit so well worth it.

Highly recommend if you are traveling to anywhere that is within Eddie’s area that you use his services. A++
Eddie takes the time to hand pick local people to also enhance the experience from the driver that navigated the local roads, the people at a local market ( telling there stories ) to the naturalist guides that shared our adventure on our trip it is a bundle of professionals that created the overall experience to bring back to our families to share.

Do not miss out on one of his adventures!

Experience the magical Galapagos islands in an epic way, safely and without any translation problems with a Eddie acting as your Tour Leader a native citizen from Guayaquil.

Hi, I’m Eddie, I’ve been a guide for people like you for more than 30 years and I can guide you on a really fun and eye-opening trip in a totally safe way.


I´ve lead all kinds of groups around the city, we´ve tasted the local gastronomy, explored the country´s architectural wonders, its wildlife with zero incidents.


Probably your spanish a bit limited, NOT a problem!

What gives the participants of my trips a great of peace of mind is that they can speak English and we understand each other 100% and I can be your translator with the local people.


Everyone likes different things. Some people travel to see the flora, others to discover local birds or mammals , some love to walk through new lands or maybe discover species that you have never seen before.

In this trip we are going to focus on what you like to do the most so that you have a truly memorable experience.

The vehicles and guides that we hire are available exclusively for you and your group.

I assure you comfortable seats for you and your entire group. Forget about crowded uncomfortable vessels.


There is a basic “rule of thumb” three hours duration of every excursion basically there are two excrusions on the cruises format on a fullday excursion; Our tours will last as long as needed in order to achieve MY goal: Your total satisfaction and that of your group.


100% Bilingual Guide Top-notch Safety Measures Luxurious Comfort Customizable Excursions Guarantee of not returning home until you are completely satisfied. Drivers with years of experience in tourism.


AM: Flight to San Cristobal Airport (SCY)

As soon as our participants are received by our naturalist guide and taken on
a five-minute bus drive to the pier, to board the Galapagos
Sea Star Travel.

PM: Breeding Center David Rodriguez (San Cristobal Island)

In the afternoon, we will visit the giant
tortoises breeding center also known as “La Galapaguera”.
Here the tortoises wander in a semi-natural habitat, which
will be perfect for a photography. It will be the only chance
to observe this emblematic species on this itinerary.


AM: Suarez Point (Española Island)

This is one of the highlights of our cruise. At the moment of arrival at the pier we will be received by a welcome committee of marine iguanas and sea lions. We will meet the biggest bird of the archipelago, the large Waved albatross, which use the
edge of the cliff to start the fly from this spot  we Will  enjoy a dramatic blow hole.

PM: Gardner Bay (Española Island)
One of the most beautiful beaches in all of Galapagos, Gardner Bay has a white sandy coral beach giving us the chance to observe one of the biggest colonies of
Galapagos sea lions. we can also snorkel from the beach, in the shallow waters of the bay or relax and enjoy the landscape.


AM: Punta Cormorant, Devil’s Crown (Floreana Island)

After a wet landing, we will walk on an olivine green sanded beach. to get the first viewpoint to look for the famous flamingos, The other Trail goes to another beautiful white sandy beach, where theGreen Pacific Sea Turtles Deep water snorkel is another optional activity around the
Devil’s Crown which is a volcanic natural formation wherewe have the chance to see white-tipped reef sharks, reeffish such as parrot, trumped, puffer, king angel, surgeon fish and occasionally Galapagos sea lions.

PM: Post office bay & Baroness Lookout (Floreana Island)
Located on the north side of Floreana, the Post Office Bay was named because in 1973 Capt. JColnett installed a wooden barrel which served as an informal post office for sailors passing through.

Today, visitors continue the tradition by placing unstamped postcards inside the barrel,.
We will have a wet landing on a greenish beach for a short walk to visit the Post Office Barrel, we will walk back to the beach for snorkeling in the shallow waters,.
Our next optional activity will be in the Baroness Bay, where we can kayak and see a great scenery with mangrove trees and volcanic natural formations.


AM: Santa Fe Island

We will have a wet landing on the white sand beaches where a big colony of sea lions live there is an interior path through the island with an endemic cactus forest (Barringtonensis). Santa Fe land iguanas (Conolophus pallidus),

Two more additional activities kayak or snorkeling off the zodiac in the turquoise water, good view for sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, sea lions and white-tipped reef sharks and colorful fish.

PM: South Plazas

After a dry landing, the path is going along an impressive cactus forest where colorful yellow land iguanas live,
South Plaza Island is the only place on Galapagos where we find hybrid iguanas (sea and land), with very sharp claws making easy to climb up to reach the fruits of the cacti. During the walk along the edge of the cliff we observe a plethora of sea bird flying around.

At the end of this path, we find a bachelor sea lion colony area; and the greenish and yellowish vegetation (sesuvium edmonstonei plant) changes color creating a bright red landscape.


AM: North Seymour Island

N. Seymour, is a small flat island has the perfect conditions for a nesting site for the two species of frigate birds the “pirates of the air”. Blue footed boobies, land  iguanas, sea lions, swallow tailed gulls, Darwin finches and lava lizards we will encounter along the trail of our excursion, and on a lucky day, you might even come across a Galapagos Snake.

PM: Bachas Beach (Santa Cruz Island)

A white coral sandy beach which is one of the most important nesting areas for Green Sea Turtles they arrive usually after 6 pm, the trail is about 500 meters long divided in two sections, at the end of the Trail we can find a small brackish lagoon where usually flamingos and shore birds  After we come back to our landing spot, we will have an outstanding chance to submerge in tropical waters.

AM: Mosquera Islet
Wet Landing, Mosquera Islet is located between North Seymour and Baltra Island. This flat, sandy island is formed by a geologi-cal uplift. A colony of sea lions are present here. There is no trail on the islet, however the visitor can enjoy the open area. Most of the islet is covered with sand and barren lava rock. Very little Sesuvium portulacastrum plants grow on the sand.

After the visit we will sail to Baltra Island for your return flight to mainland.

** This itinerary is subject to change without notice; due to seasonal changes,
weather conditions or Galapagos National Park regulations. **